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ABC’s of Preschool Music Part 1

When I started to work with kids in kid’s music, I enjoyed working with 4th – 5th graders because they were beginning to learn about harmony and could explore complex rhythms. But somewhere, along the way God challenged me, through a person in our church, to develop curriculums for preschoolers and young children. I have come to truly enjoy working preschoolers and toddlers helping to lay down spiritual and musical foundations.

Music energizes every preschool classroom with movement, singing and playing instruments. If you are looking to expand your repertoire and begin to collect musical materials, consider the TykesHub curriculum – Teeny Tykes & Tunes for toddlers and babies. Teeny Tykes & Tunes has newly composed movement and faith songs as

well as and classic animal songs and finger plays. Also, Teeny Tykes & Tunes is choke full of preschool appropriate hymns laying deep spiritual foundations.

CLICK HERE for a free pdf of creative ideas of ways to teach preschoolers music in your home, daycare, Sunday School class, or Children’s Choirs.


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