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ABC’s of Preschool Music – Part 2

The preschool life is a fun one! Preschoolers are taking in huge amounts of facial cues, auditory signals, and developing muscles for movement. Additionally, brain synapses are being hardwired with repeated actions and verbalizations.

John Medina reports in “Brain Rules for Babies: ”Because humans have so much uncommitted brain tissue at birth, our brains have an extraordinary opportunity to be customized by life experiences. Put another way, the human brain has a great deal of uncommitted postnatal “real estate”. These undeveloped brain areas are waiting for signals from the environment to tell them whether they should ‘set up camp’ or wait for further signals. The competition concept is simple; whatever is first, whatever activities are more frequent, and whatever actions are more coherent will ‘win’ the competition for network wiring and signal the brain to allocate space and resources to that set of behavior.”

Musical texts are a powerful way to hardwire faith-based lyrics in the lives our of children. Consider singing lullabies, praise songs, and quiet music. The TykesHub Quiet Things is jam-packed with lullabies and faith-based praise songs developed to create deep network wiring.

CLICK HERE for a free pdf of creative ideas (part 2) to teach preschoolers music in your home, daycare, Sunday School classes, or in a Children’s Choir.


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