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ABC’s of a Quiet Time Part 2

Welcome to the TykesHub where we seek to connect kids and the people who love them with stories and music about God. So many of you downloaded our first installment of the ABC’s of a Quiet Time; we can’t wait to give you part 2 today!

The idea of a daily quiet time can seem daunting. But quiet time doesn’t have to be a struggle. The tips found in today’s free downland offer ideas to make quiet times engaging. Remember it’s not the amount of time that’s important; it’s the unhurried, focused time that is critical.

Here’s a gift for you. The second of three installments of the ABC’s of a Quiet Time offering creative, timeless ways to engage in quiet times with your children.

Download the ABC’s of a Quiet Time Part 2 Below!

ABCs of Quiet Times PART 2
Download • 1.35MB


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