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ABC’s of a Quiet Time Part 3

Quiet Time. It’s something we all want to do but sometimes it’s hard to make the time. Quiet Times or Holy Habits are so critical and the time to start the routine is today! A habit is a behavior that is repeated until something becomes instinctive. Don’t all of us want our time with God to be instinctive?

In his book, Atomic Habits, James Clear says that habits are “the backbone of any pursuit of excellence.” He expands saying, “when you know the simple movements so well that you can perform them without thinking, you are fee to pay attention to more advanced details.”

It is a huge gift to give our children the routine of a daily quiet time. If they learn the habit as a child then their minds can pay attention to a “more advanced details”...advancing in their knowledge and friendship with God.

The tips found in today’s free downland offer ideas to make quiet times engaging.

Here’s our gift for youthe last installment of the ABC’s of a Quiet Time offering creative, timeless ways to engage in quiet times with your children.

Download the ABC’s of a Quiet Time Part 3 Below!

ABCs of Quiet Times PART 3
Download • 1.35MB


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