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Animal Finger Plays for Toddlers

TykesHub is thrilled to offer three Free Animal Finger Play for Toddlers.  CLICK HERE for your free PDF.

Additionally, we are honored to offer volume one of our Teeny Tykes & Tunes toddler edition for FREE because we want Sunday School classes, Day Care groups, Home Schoolers, and families to learn the fun and meaningful songs as well as all the bible stories, prayers and scriptures found in Teeny Tykes & Tunes.

Teeny Tykes & Tunes is an incredibly versatile tool as it can be customized for your situation whether it be: 

Sunday Morning groups

Church plants

Outdoor classes 

Outreaches in neighborhoods 

Club houses

Mission trips in parks and churches

After-school programs

Family centers


Mother’s day-out programs

Faith-based schools


CLICK HERE to access your pass for the FREE toddler curriculum packed with over 80 free downloadable songs, easy to use lesson plans, bible stories and scriptures.   Enjoy and use this TykesHub gift to you and watch your kids wiggle & giggle and learn about God. 

On “Two Little Blackbirds,” use the following motions:

Two little blackbirds sitting on a hill. (make blackbirds by creating two beaks of birds with thumbs and pointer fingers)

One named Jack (raise Jack in the air)

One named Jill (raise Jill in the air)

Fly away Jack (place hand behind back)

Fly away Jill (place other hand behind back)

Come back Jack (make one hand reappear in front of body)

Come back Jill (make other hand reappear in front of body) 

On “Little Caterpillar,” use the following motions:

There was a little caterpillar, (fold scarf 1⁄2 to make caterpillar) As fuzzy as can be.

And he ate and he ate (pretend to eat leaves on arm)

All the fresh green leaves

.He ate and ate until

He could eat no more.

So he built himself a little home (put scarf over head) Without any doors.

And once inside that little home,

He began the change. (slowly pull scarf down)

That fuzzy little caterpillar

Would never be the same.

After a week or two,

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Because out of that special house

God created a little butterfly. (move scarf through the air)

Fly butterfly, fly. 

On “Here Is the Beehive,” use the following motions:

Here is a beehive. (Use fists to make a beehive)

Where are the bees? (Looks around for the bees)

Hiding inside. (Look inside the beehive) 

Where nobody sees! (Continue looking)

Here they come out of the hive. (Unfold fists)

One, two, three, four, five! (Show fingers, counting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,) 

Buzz! (Tickle toddler’s tummy) 

On “The Turtle,” use the following motions:

I had a little turtle. (Make a fist with thumb sticking out)

He lived in a box. (Cup hand to form box)

He swam in a puddle, (Make swimming motions)

He climbed on the rocks. (Make climbing motions)

He snapped at a mosquito; he snapped at a flea, (Snap fingers)

He snapped at a minnow; he snapped at me. (Snap fingers)

He caught the mosquito; he caught the flea. (Make catching motions with hands)

He caught the minnow, but he didn’t catch me! (Shake finger and head “no.”) 


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