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Articulators Please

Our voices are miraculous instruments that we carry with us every day. The art of singing is a very complex process that involves breathing (respiration), phonation (vocalization), and articulation (diction). As air bursts through the mouth and throat, the articulators (tongue, teeth, lips) take the air and refine it into specific sounds using subtle shapes of the teeth, tongue and lips. In short, the articulators turns the air into something understandable.

Singers must learn how to refine the shape of the articulators to create crisp and clean consonants for the text to be understood. Young singers can benefit from the use of tongue twisters to aid them in becoming aware of their teeth, tongue and lips as well as learn how to manipulate those articulators for maximum diction.

Young singers will enjoy the mad lib and benefit from the created tongue twisters further aiding in the mastery of articulation. See below:

CLICK HERE to download a free PDF version of the mad lib articulation worksheet above.


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