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Bible Stories That Stick

Interactive Bible Stories about Weather

The most important thing we can teach our children is the truth of God’s Word found in scripture. The Bible, at its core, is a story.  It is the story of God’s interaction with His creation throughout time – the story of creation and fall and redemption and restoration, and it tells a story that continues today.  Part of the key to getting kids excited about the Bible is helping them understand how they fit into God’s story.  The Bible is not archaic and dead; it is alive and sharper than any two-edged sword. Creative Bible storytelling is the key to getting kids pumped up about the Bible.  

TykesHub is excited to offer two Free Interactive Bible Stories about Weather.  CLICK HERE for your free PDF.

These stories involve weather and offer suggestions for adding interaction with non-pitched instruments.  If you don’t have the suggested instrument, create one with kitchen items that you have on hand.  Your kids will love the stories and the interactive element will help the story stick.

Additionally, if you like these stories, you’ll love our FREE toddler curriculum - perfect for your Sunday School, Day Care, Home School, or family devotions. 

CLICK HERE to access your pass for the free 26-week curriculum packed with over 60 free downloadable songs, easy to use lesson plans, bible stories and scriptures.   Enjoy and use this TykesHub gift to you and watch your kids wiggle & giggle and learn about God. 


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