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Bible Storytelling

Welcome to the TykesHub! Grow the next generation to know God’s Word with

age-appropriate effective, practical and creative resources written by veteran church leaders.

Bible Storytelling allows us to:

  • Pass knowledge of God

  • Share Christian culture

  • Instill moral values

  • Educate about God’s ways and work

The Bible, at its core, is a story. It is the story of God’s interaction with His creation throughout time. It is a story of creation and fall and redemption and restoration, and it tells a story that continues today. Part of the key to getting kids excited about the Bible is helping them understand how they fit into God’s story. The Bible is not archaic and dead it is alive and sharper than any two-edged sword, and Bible storytelling is the key to getting kids pumped up about the Bible.

Learn some Bible Story teaching tips in this video as well as preview our baby curriculum in the video below:

Bible for Babies.


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