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Body Percussion Fun

Body percussion is sounds made by body parts like hands, feet, and mouth. These sounds are used just like non-pitched instruments to keep the steady beat or to make rhythms. You can use body percussion to respond to prerecorded music or to make your own beats and rhythms.

There are five general body percussion sounds: stamping, patting, clapping, snapping and a quiet flipping. If responding to prerecorded music, call out different percussion ideas throughout the song. If creating your own body percussion ensembles, explore the high and low sounds created (stamping feet is a lower sound, than snapping fingers) and layer those sounds on top of one another.

Preschoolers, children of all ages, families, school children and faith-based classes love to use body percussion as they make music together. Learn more in the video below:

CLICK HERE for a free PDF of Twenty Body Percussion Activities below:

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