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Children Love Instruments

It’s TykesHub Wonderful Music Wednesday! Toddlers and children of all ages love instruments!

Playing instruments is a way to praise God – Psalm 150 is all about using different kinds of sounds to help focus on our great God. This video gives some practical tips about different types of non-pitched instruments and ways to use them in praise. Non-pitched instruments are accessible because they can be found in nature, the kitchen, the music classroom, Bible learning rooms, and worship venues.

Playing instruments is valuable because hearing the different sounds assist children in discerning the differences between distinct sounds and help them respond to sound. This discernment strengthens brains for processing and understanding the language of music needed for communication.

Playing music generally makes us better at hearing speech in noise and processing sound more efficiently. The experience children have with sounds encourages multiple languages – including the language of music.

It is important to offer children a variety of non-pitched instrument sounds:

- Tappers (boomers, clickers & dingers)

- Shakers

- Scrapers

Learn about these categories in the video below and learn about our Teeny Tykes & Tunes Toddler Curriculum that is full of instrument times.

Source: National Association for the Education of Young Children. (1997). Music appreciation: a universal language for all ages


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