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Christmas Fill In The Blank

It’s interesting to think about the Christmas story through the lens of a drama.  There is are scenes taking place for all to see with the supporting players of the shepherds and wisemen, along with the main actors - Mary, Joseph and Jesus.

But backstage, all of heaven was looking down on that starry night in Bethlehem.  The angels were “in the wings” in heaven observing the miracle.  Jesus had left heaven nine months before that first Christmas night and now, He reappeared in the form of a Baby.  The angels watched and worshipped from offstage.  

Remember onstage is not always the whole story; there is always a lot happening behind the scenes.  

CLICK HERE to download a free PDF version of the above worksheet from TykesHub that is perfect for grade school children to learn about props that were used on that first Christmas night.


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