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Creative Prayer

There are lots of ways to talk to God and many places to pray. God is everywhere and is Always. We can talk to Him at any time or in any place; He is always listening and working. We can talk to Him about anything or any feeling. He created us so He knows when we are sad, mad, frustrated, afraid, confused as well as happy, silly and over joyed. He wants to hear from us.

Have you ever tried praying Scripture to God? It is such a powerful experience because you are taking God’s Words and agreeing with them as you communicate with the Holy, All-Powerful, All-Knowing Creator of the world. Praying the Scripture can give voice when you can’t think what to say. Or, it can become a starting point for a longer discussion.

The FREE CREATIVE PRAYER PDF below is an excerpt from our Full of Feelings – Devotions about Emotions family devotional book. Try a personalized Scripture prayer and begin or continue the conversation with our God Who loves, guides and directs.

Download the Creative Prayers Resource Below!

Creative Prayers 9.30
Download PDF • 1.63MB


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