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Easter Prayers

The celebration of Easter is a power packed week as we reflect on massive hinges in history: Christ’s death and Resurrection. The week is full of sorrow and then packed with joy. Easter week is bad news followed by good news – truly the gospel – the good news of life!

Christ’s brutal death on the cross is solemn and deep. With Jesus’ death, believers are offered forgiveness - a grace and mercy allowing our sins to be to be removed as far as the east is from the west (Psalm 103:1). And with Jesus’ resurrection, we have life everlasting, hope, meaning and purpose in the good and challenging times of life because Jesus gives abundant life!

The gospel - that Jesus died and rose again – is brilliantly simple but powerfully complex as it’s all part of God’s great rescue plan for us. We can plant seeds of the gospel in our children’s lives at home, church, and day schools by repeating simple Easter prayers together.

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He’s Alive!

On the cross,

You died for me!

From sin, I am set free. You rose from the grave So I can be saved!


Easter Prayer Christ has died. Christ has risen!

Christ will come again!



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