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Grateful Toss - A Thanksgiving Game for Kids

Looking for an easy Thanksgiving game for any age? I’ve got the perfect game and all you need is balloon or two. It’s called Grateful Toss – a super fun game for preschoolers, grade schoolers and families. Use this game in Sunday School, home school, church choir, kid’s choirs, indoors or outdoors (on a non-windy day).

To play:
  • Gather one or two balloons

  • Brainstorm on things for which the group is thankful. Think about different categories like:

- Food

- Nature

- Church

- Family

- Country

- Pets

- Needed things

  • Divide your group into two teams (could be two people)

  • Have the groups stand on opposite sides of the room. Throw an inflated balloon into play. As the children toss the balloon back and forth, they should say something for which they are thankful. For instance, the first person to touch the balloon says, “I’m thankful for my dog.” The second, “For apples”, etc. If the balloon hits the grounds, the other team gets a point. Or, if a student can’t think up something for which they are grateful (that hasn’t already been stated), the other team gets a point.

The team with the first 10 points wins.

Give thanks to God the Giver of all good gifts!!!!


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