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Healthy Holy Habits Part 1

A habit is a regular practice and January is a great time to start some Healthy Holy Habits with your family. To accomplish these disciplines, the action is important but equally vital is the regularity of the practice. Set aside time daily or weekly creating patterns to focus on God using these spiritual practices:

Holy Habit 1: Study the Bible!

You have to know the Bible to understand God’s plan for you. He gives clear directions in the Bible and He wants you to follow them so that you can have a full, joyful life. There is a difference between reading and studying the Bible. When you read the Bible, you do it more quickly than studying. When you study the Bible, you slow down to focus on the meaning of the text.

Holy Habit 2: Pray First!

Prayer is talking to God about your problems and thanking Him for His gifts. God wants forgive you of the things you have done wrong; He wants to help you and He wants you to ask for His help. God also wants you to pray for others. Start right now and talk to God; tell Him what is on your mind. He will listen and offer help. The help may come through a thought, through His Word, or by a friend helping you.

Holy Habit 3: Memorize Scripture & Faith Songs

The Holy Spirit uses memorized scripture and scripture songs to help you recall God’s Word just when you need to hear those Words! It should be part of your routine to memorize scripture and scripture songs so you can think about God’s Word and allow God to speak to you all through the day.

CLICK HERE for a free PDF of part 1 of Healthy Holy Habits. TykesHub products offer support for Holy Habits including our Full of Feelings Family Devotions.


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