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Hymn Hacks Part 2

How do we instill hymn texts in the next generation? The answer to two-fold: creatively teach hymn texts and find exciting hymns accompaniments. We must make hymn texts come alive to children – make them relevant and applicable to their lives by studying meanings using games, activities and sign language. Hymn accompaniments should be appealing and fresh.

TykesHub offers some solutions to both of these directives. Check out our interactive devotion resource - God Songs: The Family Hymn Project. These devotionals teach kids and their families to speak and pray hymn lyrics as they learn how each hymn came to be. Additionally, there are interactive links to hymn videos and hymn stories and fun relevant activities to make the hymns applicable to children.

Also, we have hymns you can download - Hymns for the Next Generation and Preschool Hymns and create a personalized playlist.

View a free video below about implanting hymns in the lives of your preschoolers, toddlers and children.


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