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Hymn Hacks Part 3

Hymn singing creates a special sense of community and unity based on texts ground in deep spiritual thought and scripture. There is joy in creating relational as well as well as musical harmony. A spirit of cooperation and identity with each other and with the Holy Spirit exist when we sing hymns.

Here’s three straight-forward hymn hacks to get your children singing hymns together:

Books that illustrate hymn text can be shared; read beautifully illustrated books while singing the hymn or reading the hymn text. Three of my favorite illustrated hymn books are: “All Things Bright and Beautiful,” illustrated by Anna Vojtech published by North-South Books and “Go Tell It On the Mountain,” illustrated by Fiona King, published by Augsburg Fortress, and “For the Beauty of the Earth” illustrated by Lucy Fleming published by Sparkhouse Family.

Handmade instruments can be used to accompany hymn singing. Create shakers putting food stuffs in empty water bottles. Decorate them with stickers and ribbons and let the shaking begin! Drums can be made out of empty oatmeal containers; tap to the steady beat as you sing hymns together.

Incorporate sign language as you sing hymns. The Joy of Signing (Gospel Publishing) and Religious Signing (Bantam Books) are excellent resources to verify signs. Select a hymn and look up the signs that correspond to the words and then sign the hymns as you sing them together. Of course, you can use your computer to search signs.

Here is a link to a signed hymn from TykesHub family devotional Gods Songs: The Family Hymn Project:

Watch the video below to see these hymn hacks in action. If you are looking for ideas to use hymns in your preschool, family, or Sunday School, check out Gods Songs: The Family Hymn Project from TykesHub.


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