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Instruments Galore!

I remember a special study I did as a student on Sunday nights; we studied the book “Music in Bible Times.” That book had several chapters about the instruments in the Bible. From that book, I learned about the first musician mentioned in the Bible: Jubal and his brother Tubal – the first blacksmith. Genesis 4:21 tells us that Jubal is “the father of all who play the harp and flute” and the next verse (22) in the same chapter says Tubal-Cain is the "forger of all instruments of bronze and iron." Trumpets and cymbals are two instruments that are often mentioned in the Bible and Tubal must have trained instrument makers to make instruments used in worship.

It's meaningful to me that God designed music to be important in the life of mankind and that instruments were part of that design. It’s powerful to think that instruments we play today were also played so many years ago! Your elementary and middle school students will enjoy finding instruments in the attached PDF instrument find-a-word as well as learning about the beginning of instrumental music.

CLICK HERE for a free PDF Instrument Find-a-Word.


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