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Interactive Prayers for Toddlers and Babies

A critical thing we can teach our children is the importance of talking with God.  As you model praying with your infants and toddlers, you establish a faith-based vocabulary, increase the feel of language, and create ritual in your children’s lives.  The prayers found in Teeny Tykes & Tunes are age appropriate and combine movement and touch with the auditory experience allowing the meaning to lock in faith-based neural pathways. 

TykesHub is excited to offer four Free Interactive Prayers for Toddlers and Babies.  CLICK HERE for your free PDF.

Additionally, if you like these stories, you’ll love our FREE toddler curriculum - perfect for your Sunday School, Day Care, Home School, or family devotions. 

CLICK HERE to access your pass for the free 26-week curriculum packed with over 50 free downloadable songs, easy to use lesson plans, bible stories and scriptures.   Enjoy and use this TykesHub gift to you and watch your kids wiggle & giggle and learn about God. 


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