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It Just Keeps Going – The Steady Beat

Steady beat is meant to be experienced. In fact, offering a definition doesn’t offer much meaning. An explanation of steady beat is: a constant, continuous pulse. Again, that description doesn’t mean much to preschoolers, younger or older children. The way to understand the concept of steady beat is to skillfully practice it. We should be on the lookout for ways to reinforce this important musical concept.

Music evokes a response and there is nothing more fun that making music together – moving, singing, playing. Part of making music is synching to the underlying steady beat – whether the beat is slow or fast or the meter is triple or duple. Kids naturally respond to that continuous pulse and really are engaged when you place a prop in their hands.

Tykeshub is happy to offer 26 inexpensive prop, or manipulative, ideas for teach steady in your kids music, choir, preschool or instrumental ensemble.

CLICK HERE for our Free final PDF of the ABC’s of Steady Beat Manipulatives.


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