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Joy - The Ultimate Easter Emotion!

The Easter Story is full of joy! Let’s jump into the story: There was a group of women who loved and followed Jesus. They were very sad because He had died on the cross. They walked together to His grave and when they got there, they found that the big stone covering His grave was rolled away. The grave was open, so they went inside and didn’t find Jesus. An angel appeared and it scared them because they weren’t expecting to see anyone at Jesus’ grave. The angel spoke, saying, “Don’t be afraid. Jesus isn’t here because He has risen from the dead.” The women couldn’t believe it – Jesus was alive! They were so joyful and excited that they ran to town to tell everyone, “Jesus is alive!” Others came to see the empty grave and they had joy too because Jesus wasn’t there – Jesus is alive!!! He is risen!

Joy is deep down happiness that comes from the goodness of God. When something good happens, express that joy by telling others about it just the way the group of women in the Easter story did.

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CLICK HERE for a free PDF the Easter Story with a special picture perfect to share with your young children or preschoolers in church, at home, or in a faith-based school.

Happy Easter!


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