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Life Promise Scripture

The more you know Jesus, the more you can lean into Him and rely on Him. One way to help the children make trusting Jesus tangible is by studying scriptures and then select a life promise scripture. A life promise scripture is your favorite promise in the Bible; it is one that has deep meaning for you and one that you will want to remember all the days of your life.

My life promise scripture is Philippians 4:13: “I can do all this through Him who gives me strength.” The emphasis is on “Him”- Christ. Jesus has given me strength to walk through three cancer diagnosis and treatment paths. The surgeries, radiations, chemotherapies have all been marked by Christ’s presence and provision. The provision of encouragement, meals, prayers, presence, and laughter were offered by His people. I have sung this verse, read it, recalled it, and ruminated on it for many years and can truly say that I can be content in any and every situation through the Anointed One who is my power and strength” The Voice.

What is your life scripture? Do your children, nieces, nephews, students in your Sunday School, day school or neighbors have a life scripture? January is a perfect time to read promises of God and determine if one of these promises could be a life promise scripture and then claim it and begin to increase your trust in the Trustworthy Savior – Jesus.

CLICK HERE for a free PDF that may help you choose Your Life Promise Scripture.


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