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Loud Soft Music Sounds

Preschoolers find immense joy in experiencing and making music. They enjoy moving to music, playing instruments and singing. There are many basic musical concepts that preschoolers can learn including steady beat, basic rhythms, melodies can be high or low as well as move up, down or stay the same, music can be fast and slow as well as loud and soft.

The concept of loud and soft can be taught using the idea of animals…likening loud music sounds to loud animal sounds and likewise soft animals sounds related to soft musical sounds. A fun game is to ask preschoolers and young children to make loud animal sounds (i.e. lions, hippos, bears) and then play strong music sounds on an instrument. Next, make animal sounds from soft creatures (i.e. bees, mice) and then transfer those soft sounds to playing or singing softly.

CLICK HERE for a free PDF worksheet perfect for your preschoolers or young children to learn about musical loud and soft sounds by first understanding loud/soft animal sounds.


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