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“My Jesus, I Love You” Hymn Story

It's great to hear from someone that they love you, and Jesus feels the same way. He likes to hear that we call Him our Savior and Redeemer and that we love Him. When you sing the hymn “My Jesus, I Love Thee,” you are telling Jesus, “I Love You.”

This hymn was written by William Featherstone. He wrote a poem when he was only 16 years old and he didn't know if it was very good, so he sent it to his aunt, who lived in Los Angeles. She loved it. His poem were the words to “My Jesus, I Love Thee.” Later, she sent it on to a publisher in Boston and that publisher liked it and published this hymn written by a 16-year-old. It first appeared in written form in a hymn book in the London Hymnbook in 1864. It said that the original handwritten poem is still in his family.

Do you ever write down your thoughts and prayers to God on paper? Do you ever write poems or stories? It's a good thing to right down your prayer requests and the things you talk to God about because when God answers your prayers, you can go back and see where you asked and when He answered them. Here’s a challenge: write down your thoughts and feelings about God. Who knows, we might be telling your hymn story sometime!

Watch the video below to learn the story about the hymn "My Jesus I Love Thee"


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