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Praise to the Lord the Almighty

“Praise to the Lord the Almighty” is one of my favorite praise hymns. The first verse is meaningful to me because it talks about God’s being the Creator and Healer. I’m grateful for God’s healing in my life and thankful for God’s creations – birds singing, majestic mountains, vast prairies, blue oceans and pristine white beaches, unique animals like elephants, kangaroos and sloths. This hymn gives voice to my praise and thanks for all God was given.

The hymn writer, Joachim Neander, was a school teacher, minister and writer. He loved to walk through the German countryside and see the beauty of the hills and rivers in Neander valley. This valley was actually named for his family. The hymn is inspired by the cliffs and slopes of this valley as well as Psalm 103 and Psalm 150.

Watch a video of a remixed version of “Praise to the Lord the Almighty” perfect for young children and families below:

For more hymn resources, check out TykesHub Interactive devotion resource - God Songs: The Family Hymn Project. These devotionals teach kids and their families to speak and pray hymn lyrics as they learn how each hymn came to be. Additionally, there are interactive links to hymn videos and hymn stories and fun relevant activities to make the hymns applicable to children.


Also, we have hymns you can download - Hymns for the Next Generation and Preschool Hymns and create a personalized playlist.


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