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When I was a child, I participated in a program called GA’s (Girls in Action). As part of this group, I learned about missions, missionaries, and memorized large amounts of scriptures. To pass to the next step in GA’s, I had to go before a reviewing council. This council was a group of women who asked questions about mission projects as well as had me recite memorized Scripture. The Girls in Action organization knew that memorizing scripture provided a firm and deep spiritual foundation.

In the years since I participated in GA’s, I’ve found that many of the scriptures I memorized had not “stuck with me. But, since that time, I’ve discovered and learned that Scripture sticks best with associated with a song or when learned through a game experience.

CLICK HERE for a free PDF of Five Scripture Memory Games that you can use with your family, your Sunday School class, your Kids Bible Studies, our Kids Church. TykesHub hopes that these games will help scripture stick with your children.


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