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Show Love

In any line – line of traffic, line in the grocery, line at the drive through - I’m the person that monitors the length of the line, measures the personalities of people and decides on the fastest line to get my task (of getting through the line quickly) completed in the shortest amount of time. And eventually, the selected line is takes the longest to get through. Yes indeed, at the grocery, I’m behind the lady who whips out 80 coupons and the clerk verifies that the product has been purchased (even though the items have already been bagged). In the drive through, it’s me behind the person whose order was not done correctly. In traffic, it’s me who gets behind the person who decides, at the last minute, they need to get over two lanes to turn and stops all the traffic to accomplish their need to turn.

These little annoyances can infuriate me because I struggle with the sin of self -importance. When I am inconvenienced, my impatience soars and the fruits of the Spirit are nowhere to be seen; in fact, my anger is rises. When I take a deep breath and the Holy Spirit reminds me that all these little hassles don’t matter in the light of eternity, I am moved to repent of my impatience, my self-importance and my lack of love. Yes, that what these small irritations boil down to…love of self-more than love of others.

I’m thankful God doesn’t respond to me the way I often react to others. Numbers 14:18 says, “The Lord is slow to anger and filled with loving-kindness, forgiving sin and wrong-doing…”. Love of others and for others begins the solid teaching in our homes and churches.

CLICK HERE for a free “Show Love” PDF designed to teach children to think of others more than themselves.


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