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Signs of Trust

Fear is an emotion that we have all felt and will feel in the future. It’s a natural response to something unexpected or unsettling. However, the bible tells us there is no need to fear, instead, we should tell God about our concerns. We must train ourselves to first look to God whatever comes our way and choose to trust Him.

Consider learning some scriptures with sign language that can be recalled when this emotion comes our way; replacing fear with trust. Signing is so effective with children because it helps them process God’s word using movement and action as well as enhances retention. Point your children to God when they are fearful.

Here’s three favorites:

“You keep me safe and protect me.” Psalm 12:7

“You are my strength.” Psalm 28:7

“He cares for you.” I Peter 5:7

Keep minds and hearts on God; that is a safe place to be!

Watch a free video below of trust scriptures to claim and sign when you are afraid or uncertain.


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