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The ABC’s of Preschool Music – Part 3

Preschoolers learn about steady beat by experiencing it. Steady beat – that constant continuous pulse – can be reinforced using movement, non-pitched instruments, and body percussion. Tapping, scraping, and shaking non-pitched instruments to the steady beat builds muscle memory of playing a continuous pulse.

Moving to the beat with marching, walking, and hopping are strong steady beat tools. If you are looking for marches, dances and instrument time songs, consider TykesHub curriculum – Teeny Tykes & Tunes. Teeny Tykes & Tunes has newly composed and classic marches, dances and free play songs that can be used to reinforce steady beat.

CLICK HERE for a free pdf of creative ideas (part 3) to teach preschoolers music in your home, daycare, Sunday School classes, or in a Children’s Choir.


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