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The Best Way is to Obey

Do you follow traffic rules? Have you ever followed a recipe? We have traffic laws to keep drivers, bikers and walkers safe. Clear listings of ingredients and measurements make for a perfectly crafted yummy dish. Rules keep you safe and God’s rules, found in His Word, are designed to keep you safe and secure. At times God’s commandments can seem restrictive, but they are not. God’s laws are instructions on how to live life as He designed - good, joyful and honest. The Bible clearly says in I John 5:3, “His commands are not burdensome.” Obeying God’s rules is blessing from God that it “may go well with you and your children” (Deuteronomy 4:40).

Learning to obey parents and teachers is an important part of understanding obedience to God and obeying His laws. It’s never too early to start fostering obedience by talking about it and instilling it in your children’s lives because the best way to live life is to obey!

CLICK HERE for a free PDF of an obedience worksheet for elementary-aged children to help them learn about the concept of obedience.


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