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The Family Hymn Project

Music was an important part of my home when I was growing up. My oldest brother played oboe in the band, my middle brother played the guitar, my dad whistled and loved to listen to hymn LP’s on the record player, my mom played the piano for enjoyment and in service as she played for our church choir. I remember listening to her practice choir specials and offertory segments. I played the piano too and couldn’t wait for the day when I could play like my mom using the highest and lowest notes of the keyboard.

I loved to hear hymns and follow them along in the hymnbook as my mom played on piano. I couldn’t wait to go to church and be part of the congregational singing.

Truly, my life has been shaped by the songs I heard. I had sound doctrine placed in my life and it has served me well. I’ve got great assurance of Jesus’ love because…”the Bible tells me so.” I know what can wash away my sin…”Nothing but the blood of Jesus.” I developed a vocabulary of praise…”Immortal, Invisible, Only Wise God,” Praise to the Lord the Almighty, the King of Creation.” I memorized scripture with song…”The Lord my shepherd is, I shall be well supplied.” I learned to be thankful at all times…”Counting my many blessings” and naming them “one by one.”

We are excited our new Tykeshub family devotional: God’s Song: The Family Hymn Project. The family hymn devotions are full of activities to lock in hymn texts in your family’s lives through fresh insights, interactive activities, multi-sensory fun, family connection, engagement, and creative hymn music videos.

Click below for a FREE INTERACTIVE DEVOTION from God’s Song: The Family Hymn Project

The Family Hymn Project Free Devotion
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