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The Story Behind the Music of Revive Us Again (All Praise Due)

Everyone loves a great story! We are drawn to the diverse characters, the interesting setting, and the plot with all its twists and turns. I learned the joy of reading from my dad and remember him taking me to the library at five years of age to check out my first book. Today, I enjoy reading fiction stories via audio books, as well as read historical fiction; of course, Bible stories are some of the best tales. My grandmother told me those stories over and over with rich detail.

There are some stories that often are overlooked-hidden gems-the story behind hymns. It’s fascinating to understand the why and when a hymn text was conceived. A really compelling hymn story is the narrative behind “Revive Us Again”. Watch below to learn the story behind the music.

This remixed hymn is part of Tykeshub God Songs: The Family Hymn Project. Take a moment to view this resource and remember that 100% of all proceeds support global hubs


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