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Three More Hymn Hacks in Action - Part 5

The joy of teaching is to think of as many ways as possible to teach the same concept. I enjoy musing on a hymn and discovering approaches to hardwire a particular faith song in a child’s life. Of course, repeatedly singing a hymn has lasting impact. However, the more learning modalities (auditory, visual, kinesthetic) incorporated the better for the student. Here are three more practical hymn hacks to teach hymns to your preschoolers, grandchildren, students and children:

Create PowerPoint presentations to visually represent the hymn text. On 8.5x11 sheets of paper, write an imagery driven hymn text phrase by phrase on each sheet. Now ask the children to draw a representation of the indicated phrase. After the pictures are designed collect them and scan them. Next, place them in a PowerPoint program. Finally, as the hymn is sung, view the presentation.

Story tellers can come to visit your classroom and explain events leading to the writing of a selected hymn. Watch the video example below of a hymn storyteller from TykesHub:

Rebuses are excellent teaching tools to instill hymns. A rebus is pictures of words. Draw or gather visual representations of selected words to help children “see” the text.

Watch the video below with these hymn hacks in action. If you are looking for ideas to use hymns in your preschool, family, or Sunday School, check out Gods Songs: The Family Hymn Project from TykesHub.


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