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Three More Hymn Hacks – Part 4

Singing stimulates temporal lobe functions, an area of the brain heavily involved in memory. When you can sing new information, put it to a tune, you are more likely to remember it. The fact that music enhances spiritual experience should come as no surprise because music is processed in the right temporal lobe, the same area that is now referred to as the God spot of the brain. (Make a Good Brain Great – Daniel G. Amen)

This profound notion, from Daniel G. Amen, is powerful and should cause teacher to think about using singing to teach spiritual truths and hymns are an easy way to bring lock in spiritual truths. Today, we continue with three more hymn hacks to plant hymns in the lives of your family, children, choirs, and Bible classes.

Keep a steady beat to the hymn using fun manipulatives like:

Pool noodles

Chop sticks

Paper plates

Balloons with rice

Echo clap rhythms of the hymn in reinforce hymn texts.

Listen for particular things in the hymn. Ask the children to raise their hands when they hear a particular word, rhythm, or sound.

Watch the video below with these hymn hacks in action. If you are looking for ideas to use hymns in your preschool, family, or Sunday School, check out Gods Songs: The Family Hymn Project from TykesHub.


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