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Two Christmas Fingerplays

Two Christmas Fingerplays

Today we offer two Christmas fingerplays from our Teeny Tykes & Tunes Toddler

curriculum. Preschoolers, toddlers, along with the people who love them will develop fine motor skills, self-management, oral language fluency, imagination and increase executive function as well as short term and auditory memory as they enjoy these meaningful and fun fingerplays together.

Fingerplay #1: The Wisemen

From the east one moonlit night, (make a round moon up in the air)

Wise Men travel far. (let fingers walk) Seeking Baby Jesus. (hand above eyes) Following the Star. (point upward) Heard the angels sing. (hand behind ears) Found a little manger. (rock a baby) And the newborn King!

Fingerplay #2: Christmas Fingerplay

Mary laid Him in a manger. (Arm rocking baby) The night was, oh, so quiet. (Index finger to lips, as if saying “shh”) But, way up in the sky, (Arm up in air, with index finger pointing up) A star was shining bright. (Wiggle fingers, as if sparkling) The shepherds were awakened. (Hands rub eyes, as if sleepy) And at first were filled with fear, (Hands to face with wide eyes, as if scared)

The angel said, “Don’t be afraid,” (Index finger pointing, as if giving instructions) “I’ve good news you must hear.” (Nod head and smile) They hurried on to Bethlehem. (Quickly walk two fingers across opposite arm) Just as the angel said, (Index finger pointing, as if giving instructions) And there they found the Son of God (Arms rocking baby) And knelt and bowed their heads. (Praying hands and bowed heads)

Download the free Christmas Fingerplay PDF and watch a video demonstration of the two fingerplays below:


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