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Unscramble the Scramble to Christmas

I love the sights of Christmas. …candles glowing through frosty windows, doorways

framed in holly and evergreen, brightly wrapped packages beneath the tree stockings bulging with candy and toys, and manger scenes reminding us of the reason we celebrate.

But I also love the sounds of Christmas… the joyous laughter from friends and family, church bells ringing, fires crackling in the hearth, and howling winds of crisp December nights. But the music...there’s nothing quite like Christmas music to put you in the spirit of the holiday.

Christmas is about trees, music, lights, tinsel, warm fires, good food, family, and friends. But for believers it’s far more than that. It’s a time when thoughts of a stable, hay and manger fill our minds as we focus on the birth of the Christ Child.

We give gifts to one another at Christmas time because God sent His Great Gift, Jesus, to the world to continue the epic story of His love and plan for us. Often, we scramble at Christmas to find perfect gift, have stunning decorations, and hit all the parties. But really, we just need to unscramble our lives and focus on the gift Christ. The best gifts are often simple and a joy to give.

CLICK HERE for a free Christmas gift unscramble worksheet.


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