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Why Praise?

I always like to know the why behind something. Why do I have to write this report? Why do I have to take this treatment or pill? I think I like the why because it gives meaning to my tasks. Simon Sinek wrote a million-copy bestselling book Start with the Why. Based on the number of people who have purchased that book, I’m thinking a lot of people must want to know “why?”

Why praise God? We should praise the Lord because, “it is good to sing praise to our God; praise is becoming.” Psalm 147:1 (NAS) Every day we should adorn ourselves with praise; it’s something that should be put on and worn the way clothing is worn each day so that we can be right and fitting to God. Charles Spurgeon answers the question well, “Praise is the dress of saints in heaven; it is only reasonable that they should begin wearing it here below.” We praise on this earth to give us a jump start on heaven; we praise because it is commanded, it keeps our eyes and minds heavenward.

Enjoy this instructional video from TykesHub about WHY PRAISE.


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